You Can Make a Difference – Call for Volunteers

Dear Members, Supporters and Friends of CPAA

At our August AGM, The Canadian Polyamory Advocacy Association’s membership directed the board to take immediate action on several fronts. We’ve received some individual requests for assistance as well.

In response we are looking for volunteers with related skills and interest
to work in various task focused areas. We will need a chair for each committee that may be a currently elected member of the board of directors or we would appoint a person who has related expertise to be chair of the commitee and an ex-officio member of the board.  These committees can meet in various online conferencing software such that you can attend and participate regardless of your location in Canada.  View the list below and respond with those that
peak your interest to with volunteer in the subject line.

Communications Committee: (Johnathon Hooper, acting chair) to follow up on:
-lapsed members and engage them in work of CPAA
-use of Friends of CPAA Facebook group and Google email
group to draw members and supporters into the discussions
of the organization

Donor and Member Stewardship Committee:
– focus on a membership drive and finding fundraising
expertise and recruiting volunteers in general and for
specific projects of the organization as a whole.

Fundraising Committee
– go fund me project or another platform
– planning of a fundraising campaign

Liaison Committee
– to help CPAA coordinate with local sex positive
conventions across the country and have CPAA representation
participate in some manner to increase awareness of CPAA
and interaction with these groups

Social Media Co-ordination Committee (Zoe Duff,acting
– website revision/redesign
– branding of all our social media (Facebook, Twitter)

Awareness Committee
-awareness in the workplace – how can we assist poly people
who want to be out in the workplace or experience
-awareness with first responders especially police –
resources to educate – look at family law applications as
well as the criminal code

Policy Development Committee
-research legislative issues i.e., C51 – get legal opinions
and prepare policy statements.

Yes – some of them do overlap but if we all take a piece of
the puzzle to sort out, the whole of it will fit together so
much faster and we will be a true community of action.

Looking forward to working with you.

Johnathon Hooper                        and    Zoe Duff
Director of Communications                   Director of Social Media
Co-Coordinator, CPAA                           Coordinator, CPAA

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