How do members of the [polyamory] community feel and think about the Bountiful case?

It is important to members of the polyamory community to have the difference between polyamory and polygamy recognized. Furthermore, if the alleged problems at communities such as Bountiful are abuse, exploitation, and marriage where a spouse is underage; those involved should be prosecuted using laws that address those issues.

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  1. tari Kazarik says:

    Cases like Bountiful tend to cause conflict in my own mind. On one hand, these polygamists should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law for the exploitation and abuse of minors. However, on the other hand, Joe Public does not understand the difference between polygamy and polyamory. These cases, when prosecuted, make it more difficult for legitimate polyamory families to live their lives safely.

    In an ideal situation, I would prefer the court system concentrate its case on the abuses and child exploitation, rather than charges of polygamy. The “poly” did not cause the widespread abuse, the religious views of this “cult” did.

    Polyamory advocates need to take these opportunities to bring to light the difference between the two groups. To educate the public on what healthy polyamourous relationships are and dispel the negative connotations left in people’s minds after events like Bountiful.

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