Statement of Intent 2022

Canadian Polyamory Advocacy Association Mandate for 2022: Social Advocacy

Noting that for 10 years the CPAA has focused on Legal advocacy;

Recognising the diversity of the lands we live, love, and work upon; 

Guided by values of inclusion, humility, intersectionality, consensus based decision making and the decentralising of power;

Celebrating that over half our current board members identify as queer and trans and/or gender-diverse, several being neurodiverse or living with invisible disabilities, ranging in age from mid 20s to 60+, and representing numerous approaches to non-monogamy, including Solo Polyamorists, Relationship Anarchists, Polyamorous Families, and more;

Acknowledging that the current board is predominantly white, white-presenting, and anglophone;

The Board of the CPAA now:

Centers their work going forward on anti-racism, anti-ableism, and pro inclusion for gender, sexuality, and racial diversity in the polyamorous community in Canada;

-Actively seeks more representation on the board as appointed ex-officio members from non-white members of the polyamorous community;

Calls for the creation of an Intersectionality & Inclusion committee to support our anti-racist and decolonial focus within the social advocacy work we do going forward;

Affirms the goal of improving representation for the polyamorous community in Canada, to reflect the racial and language diversity of these lands, including — but not limited to — creating community building resources and educational materials for individuals new to and curious about exploring consensual non-monogamy;

Encourages new volunteers and members to the CPAA who are keen to join our social advocacy focus this year, especially community leaders and aspiring community leaders, those with lived experience as a person of different ability, francophones, speakers of indigenous languages, and BIPOC individuals;

Furthermore invites anyone who has had legal success with polyamory in Canada to contact us, e.g. including multiple partners on your extended benefits, co-purchasing property with your partners, having multiple partners listed as legal parents on a birth or adoption certificates, etc. 

We invite support on this journey by becoming a member, and/or signing up for our newsletter and following us on social media @CanPolyAdvocacy on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. You can do all of this from our

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