Consent In Non Monogamy

Polyamory is considered to be a form of Consensual Non Monogamy.

As a coalition partner with NCSF (US based National Coalition for Sexual Freedom) we encourage individuals and groups to make use of the resources and materials that NCSF has produced.

Best Practices for Consensual Non Monogamy

Sample Consent Policy for Non Monogamy Groups

Got Consent for Non Monogamy flyer

Trauma Pamphlet – useful for navigating situations where consent has been broken

Consent And Sexual Assault Law in Canada

For more information and resources on consent in Non Monogamy please visit NSCF’s Consent Counts.
Note, NCSF, as a US-based organisation, focusses their legal resources on US legal interpretations on Consent in the eyes of the law. We are currently working on collating more equivalent resources on Consent and the Law in Canada.

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