The CPAA at Loving More Conference!

We are back home–inspired, very grateful and exhausted!  The CPAA  attended the American Poly Living 2010 conference in Seattle (organized by Loving More, the leading national polyamory organization in the US) .  And not only did we attend lots of great workshops, but Zoe and I (Carole) presented a workshop on our Canadian court case!  (here at

Next year the conference is in Philadelphia Feb 4-6, 2011.  We highly recommend that Canadian polys support this organization and do yourselves a good turn by going to the conference.   The quality was excellent.

The CPAA workshop was very well received.  There is a great deal of interest in it on the American side of the continent. There was good dialogue and information sharing  and we realized that our messages are very consistent with our American neighbours.  Also, that it is important that we be aware of how much we might impact each other in how we do our advocacy.

There was also more discussion on our court case at the Poly Leadership Network Summit which followed right after the Conference.  Other topics covered at the Summit included media, education, fundraising, and advocacy. Also particularly, outreach to different age groups.

We are all keen to protect and support the continued good image of polyamory: the media has generally commented positively and Canadian society seems to be pretty accepting.  In the litigation, this means the CPAA will continue to advocate for polyamory.  Others in the court case who have information and expertise on patriarchally polygynous relationships will put forward their information, positions and expertise on how those relationships are practiced.

The fact that the US has a national organization which has been building a broad membership is a huge strength for them in ongoing liaison and social credibility.  We were lucky to meet up with a highly impressive group of poly leaders with a broad cross section of expertise, strengths, skills and energy!  It felt like we were all one big poly advocacy family and it felt great!


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