Survey on polyamorous households

The Canadian Polyamory Advocacy Association (CPAA) is doing a short survey on polyamorous households in Canada where 3 OR MORE ADULTS ARE LIVING OR HAVE LIVED TOGETHER in a form of “conjugal union”.

The CPAA intends to use this information to give Canadian courts and governments information about the number and type of polyamorous Canadian households.

The survey is located at

5 required questions. Approximately 4 minutes.
(Total: 15 questions. Approximately 10 minutes.)
Ending date of survey: May 7, 2010
PLEASE TELL PEOPLE ABOUT THIS SURVEY!! (even if they don’t call themselves “polyamorous”)

In the survey, a “CONJUGAL UNION” means a marriage, common law marriage, intimate partnership, handfasting, or any other marriage-like relationship.
Example: In a three person situation, people living in such a Conjugal Union could be in a GROUP (persons A, B, and C are in a Conjugal Union with each other) or in an “OTHER” arrangement (persons A and B are in a Conjugal Union and persons B and C are in a separate Conjugal Union in the same household and sometimes in separate households).

French: We regret that the survey is only in English at this time due to the time constraints we are under in gathering this information. If you are fluent in French and English, we would appreciate it if you could offer your assistance on French speaking polyamory discussion groups or in other forums to assist any primarily French speaking Canadians to fill out this survey. Also, if you are interested in volunteering with our organization to help us to become more fully bi-lingual and to reach both French and English speaking Canadians, we would be interested in hearing from you.

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