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Advocacy work is time consuming. We are looking for your ideas and work to make changes in family law to better accommodate and support polyamory families. We are looking for writers and activists for our advocacy team [linked to] to advocate for polyamory online. We are also looking for presenters and volunteers for PolyCon – a conference and celebration of all things polyamory held at least every two years in a major Canadian city.

We can also use help with:

  • Community relations: moderating forums, awareness projects
  • Media/communications
  • Research and collection of data for resource referrals
  • web page updates and changes

Be a supporter.  If you can help with any of these, please send email to

Note: Everyone is welcome to volunteer, but please understand that, because of confidentiality and other issues, there will be some roles which are only available to people we can verify as trustworthy members of the polyamorous community.

Be a memberWe have an annual fee now and your attendance at an AGM (teleconference) to elect officers and review the work of the board on behalf of the Society.  You have direct input into our organization and our work at that meeting and any committee involvement you participate in.  Email for more details.

Send us information

We have gathered together a lot of research and material on polyamory. Between 2009 and 2011 we provided the court with about 500 pages of social science evidence and some key books on polyamory. If you believe you have a special perspective on polyamory and the law, or special relevant information – we may be able to use it. Please send an email to:

Give money or resources in kind

Bottom line is money is necessary to be out there in the world making a difference and we need you to do that.  We are surely grateful for cash donations, purchases of collectible swag, receipt of membership fees and of course donations of tickets to events or other items that could be auctioned off at an event are also greatly appreciated. email –

Whatever your level of interest of financial ability – even a positive comment on one of our social media places is great.   We need to hear from you and know that we are continuing to have a positive impact for the Canadian Polyamory Community.

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