PolyCon – Vancouver – May 31 to June 2nd

We are looking for engaging presenters and facilitators from a broad range of backgrounds in keeping with the ‘Claiming our Right to Love’ theme.   Polyamory was confirmed legal in Canada in 2011 with the  BC Supreme Court reference question decision on Section 293 of the Criminal Code of Canada.  We want to claim that right by promoting awareness of Polyamory and celebrating the wonderful Polyamorous families and organizations in Canada.  Workshop topics will preferably address the areas of concern of the membership of the association :

–          advocacy for a general population awareness of polyamory;

–          building resources on the national level for legal and political rights;

–          providing resources for local organizers and assisting in their networking and program development;

–          outreach within the sex positive community particularly in the under 30 age group;

–          media and social media networking ;

–          facilitate/encourage research projects to gather demographic data of the Canadian poly community;

–          expand our reference library and database of poly friendly professionals;

–          policy development and long term advocacy planning for marriage rights and equal citizenship

Sessions will be ninety minutes long with fifteen minute breaks and will run from 8:30 to 4:30 pm on Saturday June 1st.  Longer sessions would be scheduled for the evening of June 1st or combined with the opening events on Friday May 31st.  There are no sessions but the Annual General Meeting planned for Sunday June 2nd.

PolyCon has a preference for Canadian presenters as we want to showcase what is happening in Canada and celebrate the gains achieved while brainstorming on the work ahead. International presenters are however welcome as we are happy to invite our global poly community to share its wisdom.

We encourage presenters to promote their projects, businesses, or other material during their session and at the conference.  However, 90% of any session should be non-promotion material or experiences.  There will be a vendors area available for sales and promotional booths.

Email info@polyadvocacy.ca   for your application.

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