Polyamory Toronto & CPAA at Playground Conference

November 7 to 9 in Toronto, ON – Playground Conference expands this year to another stream of workshops organized by Polyamory Toronto.  Sit in on our authors’ read lunchtime session featuring:  Dr. Nathan Rambukana (Fraught Intimacies – Non/Monogamy in the Public Sphere), Dr. Melanie Heath (One Marriage Under God), Zoe Duff (Love Alternatively Expressed- the scoop on practicing polyamory in Canada), Ron Kearse (Just Outside of Hope), Ryphna St- John (Ryphna’s Notebook) and Peggy Barnett (Dear Abby).  Polyamory Toronto will also host social activities in the evenings so watch the conference schedule.  Drop by and visit our table in the vendors area.  featuring Collectibles , books by the above noted authors, CPAA membership applications and info on poly group activities across Canada.

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