Polyamorists and the Canadian Election

Voters across Canada are watching closely as our election campaign kicks off this week. We will listen to the promises made as far reaching and impossibly vague as they always are and we will watch with dismay as the push to discredit each other becomes a sad and desperate underscore to every commercial and public statement. We invite our political candidates to refrain from finger pointing and focus on proposing ways to make government work with Canadians rather than against our daily efforts. Tell us why YOU are the better choice.
Polyamorists, in particular. are looking for new approaches to rules and regulative descriptions for households in health insurance, pensions, taxation and shared accommodations. We look for supports to growth in our economy, jobs and fair trade assurances. We are looking for respectful acknowledgement of our successful relationship models and the opportunity to access the same rights and privileges as all Canadians. Polyamorists will be at the polls confirming that we are listening. What are YOU saying?

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