Poly Party Weekend – June 15 – 17

“Poly Party Weekend combines celebration, education, and fundraising in a way that connects local communities through a shared timeframe and purpose. In other words, we’re all partying during the same time and hopefully raising funds much-needed funds for advocacy and education-focused organizations.  This originally started with Poly House Party Weekend in 2011, but we subsequently dropped the “house” part when we discovered that house parties seem to be more of an “American Thing”.”  from www.youngmetropoly.com  who co-organizes this event with www.modernpoly.com

Last year, Poly House Party had 16 parties – let’s see how many we can host this year!  Register your party at http://www.polypartyweekend.com/content/now-accepting-party-submissions

The Poly Party Weekend registration site also notes that the weekend supports “… three donor recipients… Loving More, Modern Poly, and the Canadian Polyamory Advocacy Association. Additional details about each organization will be provided shortly. In the meantime, you can access each organization’s website by clicking on their name.  Promotional materials for Poly Party Weekend (for you to print & share) will be available in the beginning of May.”

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