New Board begins work Jan 12, 2020 and We Need YOU

At our AGM on November 24, 2019 a new board was elected and a new stronger direction was proposed. The board is considering a tentative proposal for a POLYCON conference to be held in the west. We are excited to regroup and revision CPAA for a stronger media presence and a voice for local poly groups with a returning federal minority government. We need you to keep us on task and help us keep the government feet to fire for legislation that impacts the National, Provincial and Global polyamourous communities. We see you. Help us to continue to be an increasingly stronger voice.
Our current Committees and committee tasks that need volunteers and inspirational advice:
1. Social Media and Website Committee
Maintains the organization’s social media and website place.
Does social media and website repairs/updates.

2. Membership and Volunteer Committee
Does membership and volunteer recruitment and administration.

3. Policy and Procedures Committee –
a)Legislative Change Advocacy Workgroup
Develop Human Rights policy for provincial legislatures. For example, the Ontario legislature enacts HR legislation over and above what is in the constitution of Canada. BC has similar legislation. Likely most of the other provinces too. There are groups that can help draft suggested changes, for example, humanist societies that we can work with to at least get things underway for extending some protection in the workplace, etc., for someone practicing any form of polyamory. Because we’re a national organization, it may be best to partner with national/umbrella organizations where they exist.
Build links with bisexual network/groups for future collaboration on Human Rights policy development pertaining to polyamory and bi members. Bisexuals who are also part of the polyamory community may feel particularly targeted by social non-acceptance in society.
We may get more progress working with other organizations and with bi-support for Human Rights policy development. Is there a list of such groups already or would we need to compile that?
Document and suggest changes to existing family laws to accommodate polyamory families. Where one province has enacted such legislation, recommend it for other provinces as well.
Develop policies in support of both the solo-polyamory and open-relationship sub-communities. Ensure our policies are in alignment to what some call the “polyamory majority.”

b) (Policy and Procedures Committee) – Consent Violation Workgroup
Tasked with creating policy and procedures to handle consent violation overreaching the polyamory community in general.
Also, is to propose general guidelines and best practices for polyamory groups.
A project for creating resources for polyamory groups could also come under this workgroup.

4.Fundraising Committee
Does the Poly House Party (PHP) summer fundraiser and other fundraising.
Could be combined with the Membership and Volunteer Committee to form a general Administration Committee.

5.Events Participation Committee
Produces PolyCon.
Participates in, or partners with, other like-minded events.
Is to produce Pride kits for local polyamory groups: Pride is perhaps the easiest way to get maximum impact on gaining a presence in the community.

6. PR (Public Relations) Committee
Produces National Polyamory Day.
Issues media releases, such as the planned one in February and others in response to issues as they arise.
Arranges responses to interview requests from a developing list of resource people and provides coaching/training for them.
Monitors polyamory coverage in mainstream media noting that media attention can be senationally minded and reinforce unwanted or untrue stereotypes.
Seek out professional organizations and give them information sessions on polyamory and other alternative relationships.

7. Bylaws and Internal Rules Committee
Maintains the constitution, bylaws, and other structural and procedural rules of the society/organization.
Propose structural and procedural rules in support of the new ex-officio bylaw.
Could be part of an overall Administration Committee.

8. Board of Directors
Devise ways in which there is more involvement from board members, and from supporters, in the work of the organization
Approves overall policies and procedures.
Directs the organization on where to apply its focus.

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