Let’s make November Party On for Poly month!

Have a meet & greet,  polyamory awareness event, house party, or whatever suits your community!!

November 22nd is the beginning of the BC Supreme court case referencing section 293 of the Criminal Code of Canada (the polygamy law).  Talk about the case! Be informed and inform others! View our presentation at http://www.slideshare.net/polychickbc/cpaa-presentation10-23-2010. Participate in our policy statement forums.

At your event, please consider “passing the hat” or encouraging some pre-holiday season giving to help us finance the legal costs and potential transportation of witnesses.  We’ve spent 1000’s of volunteer hours preparing and planning.  Support for costs would help us to continue a strong advocacy effort.  (Questions? Email support@polyadvocacy.ca.)

Forward details of when and where your November events are being held to support@polyadvocacy.ca and we will list them on www.polyadvocacy.ca and dearpollyamorie.blogspot.com. Polychickbc will tweet about it too.

Consider sending us a report on your event too so we can blog about how polyamorists across Canada celebrated their relationships this month!

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  1. Cchanteuse says:

    Vanpoly will host its polyamory celebration event on Friday November 5 at a house party. 12 years of Vanpoly to celebrate! Potluck, discussion (on the court case and otherwise) , fun times and old/new friends. We’ll also figure out a way to raise a few bucks for the CPAA!

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