CPAA does NOT ask for immunity…

Apparently there’s some confusion in the media.

The CPAA has not asked, does not have any plan to ask, and has never planned to ask, for immunity from prosecution for our witnesses in the Section 293 reference case. We’re also not asking to give any kind of anonymous evidence.

We did consider the possibility of asking to give anonymous evidence, months ago, but we decided not to do it.

We will be in court tomorrow, because we’ve filed an unrelated motion. We’re asking for the court to order the Attorneys General of BC and Canada to clarify their position with respect to polyamory. Among other things, that includes asking them to say whether or not they think the families described in our affidavits are breaking the law. We need that information to prepare our case.

Other interested parties have asked to give anonymous evidence, and for at least some degree of immunity from prosecution. Their request for anonymity and/or immunity will be heard immediately after our request for clarification. The two are unrelated matters.

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  1. duane says:

    The reason why is because if section 293 is upheld, the FLDS will be the ones immediately targeted for prosecution. The govt. isn’t interested in polyamorists right now, however, they could be in the future if moral busybodies take control.

  2. Sally says:

    The BC Attorney General appears to be saying that only patriarchical polygamy should be illegal. Apparently women should be able to have as many spouses as they like. Crazy?

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