Connect With Polyamory Community

The Canadian Polyamory Advocacy Association values inclusion and diversity. We strive to advocate for all polyamorous people in Canada.

Marginalised Canadians and residents, including but not limited to 2SLGBTQA*, BIPOC, and those with disabilities are valued members of our community. We sincerely hope that local and regional communities, events, and leaders share these values as we believe they are inherent in any claim to “ethical” non-monogamy.

The CPAA will not platform leaders, groups, or events which exclude those among us who are marginalised.

We maintain a listing of Canadian Polyamory Groups, and are currently in the process of updating this list.
If you are a community group leader in Canada, we invite you to join Canadian Polyamory Facilitators on Facebook.
We encourage local communities and group leaders to vett any potential new community facilitators, and are in the process of adapting a vetting tool from Polyamory Toronto to this end.

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