Closing Arguments begin March 28th

Written closing arguments have been filed.
Oral closing arguments are expected to be heard between March 28 and April 8 (10 days).
The CBC (Canadian Broadcasting Corporation) has obtained the right (a first in BC) to video tape court proceedings  of the closing arguments and is webcasting live only (video and sound) here:  Starts March 28, at 10 am Pacific Standard Time      Here
Wait for the commercial and the video is there when court is in session.

Schedule of presentation of closing arguments are here:

The text of closing arguments, as well as all other documents are here.

Our closing argument was designed to piggy back on the closing argument of the Amicus, who did a great job focusing on the law generally. He also has a significant section in his brief on international law, including US. The CPAA closing is focused on the facts surrounding polyamory.  John Ince intends to read the affidavits of our poly families into the record as part of the closing, as we did not present any oral evidence.

You will see from the closing arguments of the Attorneys General of Canada/BC, that they try to minimize the meaning of the literal words of the criminal law, the extent of polyamory, and the impact of the criminal law section on polyamorists so as to convince the court that the Canadian law should be upheld.

  • Be aware of what is a stake in this law that has never been effectively enforced but is touted as the only answer to a huge community problem in one small Canadian locality.  The actual documents are long and the archive site is hard to negotiate and we know that too.  Check out an ongoing summary of transcripted testimony at (which has to have an adult content disclaimer only because it talks about multi-partner relationships)
  • Be willing to speak out to your neighbours, friends, MP’s MLA’s and the media in all possible formats.   Write that letter.  Make that online comment.  Be informed and share that knowledge.  We’ll be posting more on this website to help you with that.
  • Make your voice heard for those across Canada who have a right to live in a loving happy home in peace and without discrimination.
  • Speak out for the enforcement of laws already on the books to deal with trafficking of children, child brides, child abuse, spousal abuse, welfare fraud and all the harms associated with men/women who are very good at oppressing other family members for whatever stated purpose or ultimate intent – whether those men/women live in monogamous or multi-partnered households.

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