Canadian Polyamory Community Celebrates with National Convention

Vancouver, BC – April 24, 2013 – The Canadian polyamory community continues to celebrate the end to the BC Supreme Court litigation and the legalization of polyamory, by hosting PolyCon – a national confference in Vancouver from Friday May 31 to Sunday June 2, 2013.

“We’re poly, we’re proud and we’re going to continue our efforts to tell Canadians and the world that polyamory is here, is growing and is most likely practiced by someone that you know,” said Zoe Duff, Canadian Polyamory Advocacy Association (CPAA) Coordinator.

Sponsored by the CPAA, the conference will begin with a keynote address “Living Honestly and Creating Change” (Samantha Fraser, Toronto) and includes workshops with topics such as: Jealousy and Boundaries in Non-Monogamy – The Arc of the Polyamory Movement (Pepper Mint and Jen Day, San Francisco); How not to be a PolyElite Douchenozzle – Different Strokes and Double Standards (Samantha Fraser, Toronto); Narrative Interviews: Comparing New and Experienced Polyamorous People (Miriam ); Centering the Periphery: Finding Space for Polyamory’s Marginalized Identities (Patti Dervyshire, Tiffany Sostar and Melanie Carroll, Calgary); and Creating a Line Family (Richard Gilmore and Elon de Arcana, Seattle/Hawaii).  there will also be a panel discussion on Polyamory and Family Law (moderated by Zoe Duff, Victoria).

An assortment of recreational activities are available for participants.  The CPAA’s Annual General Meeting will also be held during the weekend.

The CPAA intervened in BC Supreme Court because the language of a 120-year-old Canadian Criminal Code statute – which was aimed at allegedly abusive polygynous practices – captured many of the modern, egalitarian and secular relationships praacticed by polyamorists.  Justice Bauman ruled in November 2011 that the law does not apply to uncommitted polyamorous relationships.  The conference theme of “Claiming our Right to Love” references that confirmation of legaity and celebrates polyamory in Canada.

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