Canadian Polyamorists Hold Annual General Meeting

At its Annual General Meeting on June 1, 2014, the Canadian Polyamory Advocacy Association (CPAA) celebrated a successful year of efforts to increase general awareness of polyamory and further its role as a resource for polyamorists and polyamory organizers across the country.

At the meeting, which included supporters from across Canada, there was discussion on strategies to fundraise for projects that will continue to increase public awareness about polyamory and its community of predominantly healthy, happy, modern and socially well-integrated families. The CPAA’s new board of directors is representative of its increasingly national advocacy focus, with directors residing in British Columbia, Manitoba and Ontario.

“We have some exciting ideas for events and projects, and an excellent group of members and country-wide supporters who are firmly behind our team,” said Zoe Duff, CPAA spokesperson and a director returning for her fifth term. “We’re poly, we’re proud, and we’re going to continue our efforts to tell Canadians and the world that polyamory is here, is growing, and is most likely practiced by someone that you know,” Duff continued.

The CPAA has recently added a membership fee to its donation based revenue and is seeking to hire a Fundraising Coordinator to expand membership and develop ongoing fundraising campaigns to finance events and projects (see attached).

The CPAA formed in 2009 where it intervened in the BC Supreme Court because the language of a 120-year-old Canadian Criminal Code statute — which was aimed at patriarchal polygamy — could capture the modern, egalitarian and secular relationships practiced by polyamorists. Justice Bauman ruled in November 2011 that the statute does not apply to unformalized polyamorous relationships.

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