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Announcing: POLYCON

The Canadian Polyamory Advocacy Association is pleased to present PolyCon  –  Claiming Our Right to Love May 31 to June

No appeal… we need your help on long-term strategy

George Macintosh, the court-appointed lawyer arguing against Canada’s “polygamy law”, won’t appeal Chief Justice Bauman’s November 23 finding. The CPAA expected an appeal and is surprised.

We don’t have legal standing to bring our own appeal. Unless the Attorneys General decide to take this to a higher court, we don’t see any way to attack Section 293 directly in the near future.

The good news: without litigation setting an agenda for us, we can set our own, taking a fresh look at what Canada’s poly majority needs. We’re free to think about the long term, and we’d like your help.

If we really are done in court for now, in the coming weeks and months we’ll look at where the CPAA should go next: what our principles should be, where our priorities should lie, what services we should provide, what strategies we should use, who our allies should be, how we’ll be funded, and how we should organize ourselves. We can reinvent the CPAA completely, if that’s what needs to be done.
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Most of us in the clear… for now

The decision is in. Although the law was upheld, the judge’s interpretation means that most of the poly majority isn’t criminalized. However, those who have formalized their commitments aren’t out of the woods.

There’s more in our press release and in the judge’s reasons.

Our thanks go out to all the community members who’ve supported us. The CPAA is in this for the long haul. We will continue our work, on appeal, in Parliament, or wherever it takes, until all loving, healthy polyamorous relationships are fully accepted in Canada. And we’ll still need your help.

We are, of course, still and always available for interviews at +1 778 786 8010.

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