Annual General Meeting – Zoom meeting – Nov 28, 2021

On behalf of the CPAA Board of Directors, please help us forward this invitation to all polyamory supporters in Canada.  

We have been working on some projects that are at the forefront of social and legal change. We seek to have diversity in membership and leadership from across Canada to move forward effectively.  Please contact if you or your association/organization are interested in promoting awareness for and in our national polyamory community.  Time commitment and discretion of involvement vary per position.

CPAA Notice of Annual General Meeting: Sunday, November 28, 2021, 1:00 PM Eastern Time

Dear Member/Supporter

You are cordially invited to attend the Canadian Polyamory Advocacy Association’s Annual General Meeting.  

Date/time of meeting: Sunday, November 28, 2021, 1:00 PM Eastern Time

Place:  Zoom call hosted from Victoria, British Columbia 

Per the decision of the Board of Directors, membership fees continue to be $15 annually for an individual membership and $25 per year for an association or organization.  To be a member or a member organization in good standing, the membership fee must be paid prior to the AGM every year.  All members in good standing have a vote at the AGM, and individual members are eligible to be elected to the board of directors.


Current members:   Please purchase your membership via Paypal to, and you will be provided with the Zoom call-in details.  Current members who remain unpaid following the AGM will be placed on the supporters’ list and encouraged to participate in other ways, including our fundraising initiatives.

Supporters/unpaid current members:   Please donate via Paypal to and/or email  for the Zoom call-in details. 

Not a member? To participate as a voting member, please email with a request to be approved as a member prior to November 27, 2021

NOTE: Supporters and unpaid members may attend the Zoom call but only paid members of the Society can vote at the Annual General Meeting in the event of a call of votes. There is a limit to participants on the Zoom call, and priority will be given to paid members or supporters who have donated to this event.  

 Proposed Agenda:

1. Call to order (roll call)
2. Bulk Motion: Approval of  facilitator(s) and recorder, Approval of the agenda, Approval of last general meeting minutes (November 27, 2020)
3. Receive Directors’’ report
4. Receive Treasurer’s report.
7. Election of Directors (coordinator, co-coordinator, secretary, treasurer (or secretary/treasurer) and other directors)
8. Appreciation of outgoing Directors
9.  Special business:  
             a) Bylaw amendment
             b) Strategies and Directions
10. Other business 
11. Adjournment

Proposed Bylaw Amendments

Part 2, Section 4 

Add the phrase “An individual who is” to the current sentence.  Add a second sentence “An organization that is compatible with the mission of the CPAA may apply to the directors for membership in the society. Upon acceptance by the directors, they may become a member.” 

Part 6, Section 32 (a)

Add to the last sentence, “must be operating in Canada”.

Part 2 – Membership
3The members of the society are the applicants for incorporation of the society, and those persons who subsequently become members, in accordance with these bylaws and, in either case, have not ceased to be members.
 (a) To be eligible for membership in the society, a person must support the purposes of the society, but that person:(i) does not have to practice polyamory;(ii) need not have a past history of polyamorous experience; and,(iii) may lack any intention to practice polyamory in the future.
4An individual who is a Canadian citizen or resident, of eighteen years or older, may apply to the directors for membership in the society and on acceptance by the directors is a member.  An organization that is compatible with the mission of the CPAA may apply to the directors for membership in the society. Upon acceptance by the directors, they may become a member.
Part 6 – Proceedings of Directors
32The directors may create ex officio board member positions who do not factor into the quorum calculation of the directors and who participate as non-voting members in any and all meetings of the directors. Ex officio board member positions such created may be removed by the directors.
Ex officio members who are specific organizational representatives would serve on the board “by reason of their office.” That is, they would be appointed because of the position they hold in another organization compatible with CPAA, and would cease to be an ex officio member if their position in that other organization ceased. Where their position in that other organization ceased, the successor will automatically take their place as the ex officio member. The organization must be operating in Canada and must be a member in good standing with the CPAA, including an organizational membership fee that is transferable to the new representative, prior to taking the position of ex officio member.

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