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The Canadian Polyamory Advocacy Association (CPAA) is a member-supported organization who relies on volunteers and supporters to work toward the goals of the CPAA. From the membership, the organization elects directors who, along with other volunteers, lead the organization and takes care of the day to day business.

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Our elected directors are:

  • Zoe Duff, Coordinator, British Columbia   Spokesperson/Media contact
  • Mel C., Co-coordinator, British Columbia
  • Ashley D., Secretary/Treasurer, British Columbia
  • Aly S., Director-at-Large, Alberta
  • Kelly D., Director-at-Large, British Columbia
  • Reg R., Director-at-Large, Ontario
  • Bram S., Director-at-Large, Manitoba
  • Tianna F., Director-at-Large, Quebec
  • We also have ex-offico directors who are unnamed appointed representatives of various local groups or individuals who have been appointed for their expertise including, but not limited to, political lobbying, social media, family, immigration and/or tax law, fundraising and journalism. Contact if you are interested in such a position for your local group or would have expertise based advice to volunteer.

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