Poly Party Weekend

We’re bringing back the Poly House Party Weekend!



This is a do-it-yourself event to raise awareness about our culture, our relationship preference, and the idea that freedom of relationship choice is important to society at large. It is a community bonding experience, our way — because everyone will do it a little differently.

Let’s have barbecues, keggers, potlucks, raves, picnics, blues dances, play parties, tantric retreats, game nights, field days, movement fundraisers, cuddle parties, fancy dinners…all the same weekend. Give us the deets and we’ll post on our website so that new folks can find you.

You can go create a party or event of any description, large or small, and it will be listed for all to see on our website. Of course, you’ll also need to do your own local inviting/publicity. We’ll send every host/group that lists a party or event a certificate of appreciation.

It’s suggested that parties be on a weekend and voluntary fundraisers for the Canadian Polyamory Advocacy Association — but those aren’t required. Any date up until August 31, 2018, is okay too. Events must comply with local laws (i.e. drinking age laws and raffle licensing). AND the parties that raise funds for us may qualify for items from our growing list of donor “rewards”. Report your donations there to our GoFundMe and your events to our Poly House Party Weekend Facebook page

The plan is to make this a regular, growing thing that happens at least once a year. Now that the mechanics are all set up (after a late start) it’ll be much easier to repeat and grow, with dates set far in advance. Already people are having ideas for a Skype network to connect simultaneous parties.

You’ve always wanted to see something like this happen — so come to an event, or create your own! If you want to support the event but don’t want to advertize your party publically, you can also donate via GoFundMe and nab some rewards for your polycule/family/tribe/self. If you have books or gift items that you’d like to donate to be listed as donation rewards, please let us know at info@polyadvocacy.ca